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powerhouse donuts 

My name is Adrian and my wife’s name is Fiona and we’d like to share with you how we began.

Our journey with Donuts began around 5 years ago at a market every Sunday in Melbourne where we had our family donut stall.

 This is our first time in the Donut industry.

Through many trials along the way, we finally found our love for the creative side and unique designs of the fun side to design some delicious flavours that seemed to flow. As with donuts, there are many combinations of flavours as well as choices to choose from in this industry. It’s just a harder choice for the customers as to which donut to pick as the preference varies as to a personal taste and we respect that.

And with us as the creators, we want people to have a choice, that’s why we ask on many occasions ‘What’s your favorite flavour?’

A year ago we were walking down Church St. in Morwell when quite by accident we saw a little corner shop and it had ‘For Lease’ on the window. We peeped in through the shop window and we saw beyond the run-down exterior and brown cracked walls, rather ugly interior and the next day rang the real estate agent to arrange a look inside the shop. It had been badly run-down, but it didn’t deter us as we were keen to bring it back to life.

This all took place in June 2019, then came the long road to fully renovate this very old ex bakery shop into what’s now been lovingly restored and became Powerhouse Donuts Morwell.

We’ve had so many compliments of the work we’ve done to the shop which we can say honestly has made us feel proud. Love the approval from the community so far which makes us feel that all of this long road has been very worthwhile.

The name Powerhouse has come from the Valley as The Valley is Power. Adrian’s best friend Michael helped towards the naming of the business, as well as Adrian’s passion for power lifting helped and inspired the naming of Powerhouse Donuts, our family donut shop. We’re excited that Michael has been a great help throughout the whole process from the beginning, and we are happy that he wanted to put his input into various things too. Not to mention finding taste-testers as well – nephews, neices, feedback from friends is Golden. Thanks Michael.

The artwork inside the shop was the design of Shane Coulthard a local in Gippsland who has done such an amazing job with the Simpson’s inside our shop. We love the cheerful characters and hope that you get to come into our shop and admire them as much as we do. Thank you Shane, you are an amazing artist mate!

He also painted the Black exterior wall of our shop and lane side, to hide some graffiti and we have to say, it looks really cool.

Our eldest daughter Jessica designed all of the shop windows and door signage – dripping icing with sprinkles. Windows are all done in her spare time on weekends. I have to say we love it too. Also, she designed our Powerhouse logo and the endless hours to find the right colours to make it stand out from all the others until we got it right and the end results speak for themself. Thanks Jessica! Great job!

There were so many helpful tradies along this road, way too many to name. One who stands out from all of them was ‘Allform’, who I have to say were just outstanding with their workmanship. They fully transformed our kitchen to something amazing. Stainless steel made just for us and designed by them, revamping an old rangehood in the rear kitchen and now it looks brand new. I’m glad we found Alform and I’m glad they were locals as we only wanted to source Gippsland trades for all the work on our shop. Keeping it local. Thank you Alform! Awesome job guys. Amazing teamwork!

Then we come to our slogan – “That’s the Power of Love”

That’s us, we are passionate in our cooking and passionate about our donuts and that’s where we will get the Power of Love. You’ll soon see when you come into our Powerhouse Donut shop at 37 Church St, Morwell. Always welcome and we want to feel like we have made you smile and that is the ‘The Power of Love’.

That is Powerhouse Donuts.